We are the first Company in India to have carried out Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) Lining of such large sewer lines under most difficult and arduous working conditions and have successfully completed the project. Even though installation process is highly challenging because of the infrastructure involved, we decided that this would be the best suited for Indian conditions, primarily on account of the total absence of joints and the possibility of stringent quality control and production and installation phases resulting in flawless and joint less sewers

This specific job involved a 3.4 km long, badly damaged sewer of 1.6 meter diameter, at a depth of around 30 feet below the surface in unstable strata with a ground-water head of almost 25 feet. The sewer crossed thickly populated and constructed areas as well as arterial roads such as the Ring road in Delhi. The sewers were 80 to 100% full of silt, and that there was a very severe water infiltration problem. The unstable soil conditions coupled with the displaced joints, sinking manholes and sewer settlements compounded the rehabilitation challenges. The critical sewer situation was because of the non-functioning and deficient levels of the sewerage infrastructure. We located and exported the necessary technology for Sewer Rehabilitation to India that would provide Rehabilitation and trouble free service and ensure a trouble free performance for the sewers for decades.

Where there were no or very little out flow (2MGD) now the out flow has been achieved to 9 to 12 MGD.


DJB had 5 trolleys (pumps) in different part of the sewer line to help the line to flow. All 5 Trolleys are now removed, giving the public their freedom and cleaner environmental.



We pride ourselves for taking all necessary safety precautions towards ensuring a safe and hassle free working condition.

We have a deep commitment to making all necessary efforts towards improving the condition and asset-performance scenario, specially of the underground Utility assets in India which are often neglected, or out of reach due to construction of new habitations, but are critically important to the quality of life of the citizens. We are confident that our commitment to this purpose shall bear fruit in the near and long term scenarios along with the change-initiatives towards efficient performance and international class services.

W h a t   w e   h a v e   d o n e   s o   f a r   a n d   
w h a t   w e   w a n t   t o   a c h i e v e...

New Delhi, India :

  • We have won the very first contract awarded by the DELHI JAL BOARD.
  • Rehabilitate and maintain 3.5 km of 1,600 and 1,900 mm diameter trunk sewers using trench-less technology.

Identified areas of concern

  • Pollution of water courses
  • Disposal of c/water - o/pumping assessments.
  • Styrene vapours
  • Inform the public and continually monitor.
  • Disposal of waste material
  • All site generated waste is disposed of by authorised carriers to licensed tips.
  • Noise & vibration
  • Keep "out of hours" working to a minimum.
  • Use silenced plant exclusively
  • Envirotech has an excellent H & S record.
  • All employees are given induction training when they first join the company.
  • Employees are trained for working in confined spaces, scaffold erection, first aid, and traffic management.

Envirotech are involved with the WTI in setting up a training course for lining site employees with the view to achieving an industry recognised City & Guilds qualification.

  • We have an excellent PR record
  • It has been our normal practice to always inform the public/businesses of pending essential sewer repairs to be undertaken.
  • Our personalised letter drop informs and offers help if required as to minimising any potential misunderstandings.
  • We offer a 24 hr / 365 day per year MANNED emergency contact telephone number not a mobile that may be on or off or out of signal.
  • Help overcoming OUR customer's problems.
  • Respond quickly when / before an incident could / takes place. We help with PR meetings in the evenings to discuss pending works with the public.
  • Inform the highways / emergency services of where we will be working including serving notices to the local environment offices.
  • We encourage the public to ask questions of our site teams. They are proud of what they do and are professional in carrying out their responsibilities.

We actively encourage innovation from staff in areas of

- Working practices
- Technological advances
- Contractual and procurement
- Environment strategies
- New processes where applicable

We aim

  • To work closely together and take the lead in identifying areas where savings may be made to the benefit of both companies.
  • Improve working practices and communication.
  • To offer extra value we must understand Client visions and targets.
  • Assess & improve customer / public relations.
  • To offer peace of mind to Clients Cost savings; reliability; response to problems are our key strengths

Our belief




Envirotech's commitment to the future -

  • Continue to invest in skills
  • Continue to invest in quality equipment
  • Offer Partnering agreements with the view of sharing risks

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